new dimensions in screening + analysis

In today's economy, time has become one of the most decisive competitive factors. In these times of increasing globalization, rapidly changing technologies, and ever shorter product life-cycles, the success or failure of new ideas and entire product strategies is determined to an ever greater extent by speed and precision. The future-oriented laboratory analysis of amplius, in conjunction with its comprehensive and flexible services, will provide you with a noticeable competitive edge - not just time-wise.

The most modern chromatographic and spectroscopic measuring techniques, innovative sample preparation combined with further improvements in the area of automation - that is what we are about at amplius. For example, robot-supported sample injection systems work closely with the most modern analytical measuring systems. As a result, we are capable of highly complex procedures such as derivatizations and reference samples for calibration measurements - and of dealing with large numbers of samples in the shortest amount of time and at the highest level of quality.