High Throughput Screening

Saving Time and Money Through Automated Processes

At amplius we are investing in the application and further development of »High Throughput Screening« (HTS). We use this innovative technology to examine chemical and biological species for defined characteristics. And we do this extremely quickly. We have acquired our lead by using cleverly devised methods and procedures, which are based on an extraordinarily high degree of automation of all involved processes. Following automated sample preparation, we examine large numbers of analyses from environmental and synthesis chemistry directly by means of analytical screening. We can also accelerate research on active agents, the search for new catalysts, and the testing of reactions via combinatorial chemistry with the use of robots.

Our team at amplius views every request on the part of a client and every problem as a personal challenge. It makes no difference whether it is a question of discovering potential active agents or of optimizing chemical reactions through combinatory catalysis. We are also single-mindedly pushing ahead new bio-screening assays for investigating the effects of novel structures. Our comprehensive spectrum of services offers solutions even for highly complex tasks. And whenever new problems and challenges arise, we are more than happy to come up with a special solution for you.

  • enzymatic assays in HT-drug-screening
  • cellular assays for toxicological tests
  • customs assays for client's tests of sub stance libraries
  • high-pressure-/high-/low/temperature-reaction screening (1 * 8) array
  • high-pressure-/high-/low/temperature-reaction screening (8 *12) array
  • screening applications for online coupling of reactors and analyzers
  • robot-supported analytical screening for environmental and synthetic samples

further services and more detailed information upon request: screening@amplius.net


Prices vary depending on your special needs and sample numbers.

For you individual offer please contact info@amplius.net.