High Performance and Special Analytics

Speedy Solutions Through Structure Elucidation and Process Development

Individual problems require individual solutions - particularly when it comes to analytics. In today's HTS systems, analytical determination of individual compounds is often the greatest bottleneck. Thanks to our forward-looking developments in the area of special and high-performance analysis, this unsatisfying state of affairs now belongs to the past.

amplius solves particularly complex tasks, such as determining the structure of unknown compounds in extracts of synthetical and natural substances or developing analytical measuring procedures for product control, in its department for special analysis. Another main focus of our work is determining enantiomeric purity for investigating active agents.

On the basis of the most modern chromatographic and spectroscopic measuring techniques and in combination with an innovative sample preparation, we offer you the very finest of high-performance analysis. With the help of robot-supported analytical procedures, we cope with even the most complex derivatization procedures as well as large sample sizes at previously undreamed-of speeds. And without any loss of accuracy in the results.

To meet the demands of tomorrow today, one needs fast methods and instruments for process analysis. We have become specialized in the development of such processes and are constantly expanding our efforts in this area.

  • structural elucidation for individual samples
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis - chiral/achiral
  • mass spectrometry (MS)
    (EI, CI+/-, DCI, DEI, FI/FD, ESI+/-)
  • high resolution MS (Sektor, TOF, FTICR)
  • low-resolution MS
    (quad, triple-quad, TOF)
  • gas-phase analysis (GC, Fast-GC, TD, HS) - MS/AES-coupling
  • liquid-phase analysis (RFA, AES)

further information upon request: analytics@amplius.net


Prices vary depending on your special needs and sample numbers.

For you individual offer please contact info@amplius.net.