High Throughput Analytics

  • gas-phase analysis (GC, Fast-GC, TD, HS) - MS/AES-coupling
  • high-resolution and ultra-high-resolution MS (TOF, FTICR)
  • liquid-phase analysis (HPLC, CE) - MS-coupling
  • low-resolution MS (Quad, Triple-quad, TOF)
  • mass spectrometry (MS) (EI, CI+/-, ESI+/-)
  • metal analysis (RFA, AES)
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis - chiral/achiral
  • structural elucidation for individual samples

Example: High-Resolution and Ultra-High-Resolution MS

  • Fourier Transform-Ion Cyclotron Resonance MS (7.0 T) with multiple sources, e.g. EI, ESI, APCI, MALDI
  • Automated sample processing via CTC PAL for ESI and APCI
  • Mass Accuracy < 2ppm with external calibration for standard analyses
  • Ultra-High-Resolution MS with resolution up to 3•106
  • Software supported calculation of elemental compositions

State-of-the-art Analytics

Fourier Transform-Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (FT-ICR MS) represents the ultimate methodology for the unambiguous determination of elemental compositions.
The combination of high mass accuracy, high resolving power, various ionization sources and an automated sample processing offers a rapid delivery of high quality analysis data for a broad range of analytical applications, e. g. the identification of environ-mentally relevant tin compounds.

Download: "High-Resolution and Ultra-High-Resolution MS" (353 KB)

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