Monographies, Journals, Patents

Chu, X.; Fleischer, H.; Roddelkopf, T.; Stoll, N.; Klos, M.; Thurow, K.:

Automated Sample Preparation Using a Dual-Arm Robotic Platform. American
Laboratory, 2016, 48 (4), 44-45.

Fleischer, H.; Drews, R.R.; Janson, J.; Chinna Patlolla, B.R.; Chu, X.; Klos, M.; Thurow, K.:

Application of a Dual-arm Robot in Complex Sample Preparation and Measurement Processes. JALA - Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation, 2016, 21 (5), 671-681.

Kumar, M.; Stoll, N.; Thurow, K.; Stoll, R.:

Physiological Signals to Individual Assessment for Application in Wireless Health Systems. Transactions on Systems, Signals and Devices”  (Issues on Sensors, Circuits & Instrumentation Systems). Under review

Lehmann, R.; Gallert, C.; Roddelkopf, T.; Junginger, S.; Thurow, K.:

Comparative Investigations of Manually and Automatically Manufactured and Screened Cervix Carcinoma Spheroid Cultures Formed in Perfecta3D® Hanging Drop Plates. Journal of Engineering in Life Science. under review

Lehmann, R.; Gallert, C.; Roddelkopf, T.; Junginger, S.; Wree, A.; Thurow, K.:

Comparative Analysis of Manually and Automatically Produced Pellet Cultures of Human Primary Chondrocytes. Journal of Connective Tissue Research. resubmitted

Lehmann, R.; Roddelkopf, T.; Junginger, S.; Thurow, K.:

Comparison of the three Dimensional Cell Cultures Alginate Beads and Spheroid Cultures Containing of Cervix Carcinoma Cell Line. Under preparation

Lehmann, R.; Severitt, J.; Roolf, C.; Thurow, K.:

Role and Avoidance of Cross Contaminations in Automated Cell Culture Procedures. Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation. Under review

Thurow, K.; Vorberg, E.; Roddelkopf, T.; Fleischer, H.:

Probenvorbereitung für Analytische Labore. GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift,
60(2), 2016, pp. 24-26.

Vorberg, E.; Fleischer, H.; Junginger, S.; Liu, H.; Stoll, N.; Thurow, K.:

A Highly Flexible, Automated System Providing Reliable Sample Preparation in Element- and Structure-Specific Measurements. JALA - Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation, 2016, 21(5), 682-692.

Vorberg, E.; Fleischer, H.; Thurow, K.:

Automated Sample Preparation for Mercury Analysis in Wood Materials. IET Science, Measurement and Technology, 2016, 10(5), 398-404.

Peer Reviewed Proceedings

Adam, M.; Fleischer, H.; Thurow, K.:

Standardized Software Solution for an Automated Data Evaluation in Analytical Measurement. Proceedings, 21st IMEKO TC-4 International Symposium on Understanding the World through Electrical and Electronic Measurement, Budapest (HUN), 07.-09.09.2016, pp. 1-6.

Chu, X.; Roddelkopf, T.; Fleischer, H.; Stoll, N.; Klos, M.; Thurow, K.:

Flexible Robot Platform for Sample Preparation Automation with a User-friendly Interface. Proceedings, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics ROBIO2016, Qingdao (CN),, 2033-2038.

Do, V.Q.; Hoffmann, D.; Thurow, K.; Fleischer, H.:

Online Reaction Monitoring System in Microreactor Using Electrospray Ionization Mass
Spectrometry: A Methodology for Saving Time and Materials. Proceedings,
3rd International Conference on Automation, Control Engineering and
Computer Science ACECS 2016, Hammamet (TN), 20.-22.03.2016, pp. 528-234.


Thurow, K.; Schau, R.:

Prozessmanagementsysteme im Life Science Bereich – Ein Beispiel. GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift. In preparation


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