The Center for Life Science Automation

The Center for Life Science Automation ( brochure )

Innovative solutions in the life sciences are becoming ever more complex and costly. Scientists from more and more fields are working on developing new state-of-the-art technologies and on discovering new areas of application.

This includes chemists, biologists, pharmacologists and physicians, as well as electro-technicians, machine builders, computer scientists and automation experts. The earlier and the more closely they cooperate with each other, the greater their chances of success. As an international center of expertise, celisca offers an ideal environment for effective interdisciplinary research and development projects. Under our roof, engineers and natural scientists cooperate closely on finding innovative solutions for current and future problems and tasks.

We concentrate, promote, and combine results and insights from various disciplines in order to increase knowledge and to develop better procedures and products for the life sciences more quickly than ever. Our work covers the entire range of life sciences.

In developing high-end system solutions, special services and forward-looking applications we orient ourselves both to the needs of science and to the needs of industry. We ourselves smooth the way for realizing some of our best research and development results in the form of practical applications. In this spirit, we were behind the founding of am plius GmbH, which has been setting new standards in the area of »screening technologies« and »analytical measurement«.

Modern, globally networked, technology-oriented industries generate innovations in ever shorter cycles. Thus, internationally structured industries require internationally oriented research programs and cooperative efforts. This is why celisca's international research team works closely with research institutions around the world.

With our headquarters in a dynamic technology center in Rostock-Warnemünde, we can offer our partners and employees not just excellent working and research conditions but also a highly creative living environment. Warnemünde is rich in tradition, and it has the reputation of being one of Germany's most beautiful seaside resorts. Its lovely white beach is less than 500 meters away from our laboratories. Surrounded by fresh sea breezes and a fascinating natural environment, this locale is absolutely ideal for pondering and fiddling, for researching and indulging in fantasies.


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