Section "Life Science Automation - Technologies"

The section is composed of researchers, Ph.D. students and technicians funded from different sources. As a nucleus it contains a Junior Research Group funded by the BMBF.

Name            Research Interests or Function

Kumar, Mohit

(Head Junior Research Group


  • Fuzzy Modelling /Data Mining, Flexible Automation, Automation Assessment

Wendler, Christian

(Head Junior Research Group


  • Combinatorial Automated Syntheses
Behrendt, Sabine
  • Process Data Bases, Process Informatics
Behnke, Ralf
  • Wireless Sensor Networks

Bohn, Hendrik

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
Dropka, Natascha
  • Software Development
Fleischer, Heidi
  • Chiral MS-Detection
Fröhlich, Anne
  • online MS for Reaction Technology
Golatowski, Frank
  • Sensor Networks
Gördes, Dirk 
  • Analytics, Mass Spectrometry, Chemical Screening
Junginger, Steffen
  • System Integration
Holzmüller-Laue, Silke
  • Process Informatics, LIMS
Kleinwächter, Andre
  • Laboratory Robotics, System Integration
Kolukisaoglu, Üner
    • High Througput & High Content Enzymatic Screening
    Kumar, Shefali
    • Data Analysis for HRMS, Compound Libraries, Virtual Screening
    Krüger, Thomas
    • Liquid Handling
    Krüger-Sundhaus, Thomas
    • Robotic Systems for Synthesis
    Neubert, Sebastin
    • Physiological Measurement Systems                
    Pews Davtyan, Anahit
    • Automated Reaction Technology
    Prüter, Steffen
    • Wireless Sensor Networks
    Rimane, Kristina
    • LIMS
    Ritterbusch, Kai
    • Nanodelivery Systems
    Roddelkopf, Thomas
    • System Integration, Automated Cell Handling, Robotics
    Schmidt, Enrico
    • HRMS Data Analysis
    Steckel, Martin
    • Content Management Systems
    Stiller, Hans-Joachim
    • Sampling and Delivery Technologies
    Takenga, Claude
    • LIMS
    Wendler, Christian
    • Automated Synthesis
    Westphal, Rita
    • Software Development
    Zeeb, Elmar
    • Wireless Sensor Networks








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