1st World Meeting on Medical Automation

June 29 - July 1, 2005 in Helsinki (Finland)


The 1st World Meeting on Medical Automation Conference and Exhibition focuses on wireless medical applications to promote health. Chronic diseases consume approximately 50% of health care costs in industrialized society. Other life-style diseases (obesity, smoking) also have significant morbidity and mortality. These conditions can be effectively managed and treated by novel wireless technologies. The wireless generation has accepted mobile phones and wireless networking as a natural part of their everyday life. It is a logical extension of these technologies to use them to monitor and promote health in the form of a new paradigm, 'wireless medicine.' Passive versions of these same technologies can be used to engage the older generation in using wireless medicine to delay or eliminate the need for moving into eldercare facilities. Wireless medicine can provide a wide range of consumer health oriented products to the baby boomer generation. However, these new technologies must be deployed where they can be justified either by the reduction in medical costs, improved patient outcome, or reduction in medical errors. Currently, only a fraction of the possible wireless medical applications have been explored, let alone deployed as part of medical care delivery process. There is an initiative to develop a Global Information Network (GIN), which will be the backbone of tomorrows healthcare.

is proud sponsor of the 1st World Meeting on Medical Automation and is going to support the 2nd Meeting in 2006. celisca's Vice President, Prof. Dr. Norbert Stoll also belongs to the Scientific Committee.


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