IECON 2005

31st Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

General Information

IECON 2005 is an international conference on industrial applications of electronics, control, robotics, signal processing, computational and artificial intelligence, sensors and actuators, instrumentation electronics, computer networks, internet and multimedia technologies. The objectives of the conference are to provide high quality research and professional interactions for the advancement of science, technology, and fellowship. celisca is official industry-sponsor of IECON 2005 and presenting at its own exhibiton booth.

Topics of interest are this year:


  • COMPUTER AND CONTROL SYSTEMS: Advanced control and measurement, computer and microprocessor-based control, signal processing, estimation and identification techniques, application specific IC's, automotive electronics, nonlinear control systems, industrial applications of neural networks, fuzzy algorithms, evolutionary computing, and intelligent systems. Co-Chairs: John Hung & K. W. Lim
  • POWER ELECTRONICS: Power electronic devices and systems, high frequency power converters, digital control of power electronics, static VAR and harmonic compensation, power management, and analytical and simulation methods. Co-Chairs: Greg Asher & Mariusz Malinowski
  • MOTORS AND DRIVES: DC and AC motors design and control, motor fault detection, diagnosis, prognosis, and fault accommodation, energy systems related to motors and electrical drives, analytical and simulation methods, motor and drive applications.Co-Chairs: Ali Emadi, Yongdong Li & Mario Pacas
  • SENSORS AND ACTUATORS: Intelligent sensors and actuators, multisensor fusion, micro/nano technology, microsensors and microactuators, instrumentation electronics, MEMS and system integration. Co-Chairs: Ivan Godler & Kiyoshi Ohishi
  • INDUSTRIAL INFORMATICS: Industrial vision, motion control, autonomous mobile robots, industrial robotics and applications, electrical vehicles, intelligent transportation, factory communications, flexible manufacturing system, industrial automation, process automation, CAD/CAM/CAT/CIM and LANs, industrial applications of internet technologies, multimedia, and wireless communications. Co-Chairs: Rainer Unland & Alfred Weaver
  • MECHATRONICS AND ROBOTICS: Integration of sensors, actuators, and control design and applications, robotics design, control, and application. Co-Chairs: Karel Jezernik & Ren C. Luo


The program is available as download at the conference website.


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