Statusseminar 2016 28.11.2016 10.00 Uhr TPW Warnemünde Konferenzzentrum

By: celisca

Nachwuchsgruppe Life Science Automation – Systems and Process Technologies

10:00 Uhr   Opening / Introduction to Junior Research Group „Life Science Automation – Systems & Process Technologies“   -    Hui Liu


10:15 Uhr   Automated Sample Preparation and Analytics – the key to High Content Information in Screening Procedures   -  Heidi Fleischer


10:35 Uhr   From Parallel High Throughput to Intelligent Tube Handling Systems for Single Vial Processing  - Thomas Roddelkopf


10:55 Uhr  Automated Solid Phase Extraction as a Key Technology in Modern Labautomation  -  Jenny Bandomir


11:15 Uhr   An Innovative System for Online Reaction Monitoring – Design and Application  -  Quang Do Vinh


11:35 Uhr   Automated Data Evaluation in Analytical Measurement Life Science Applications -  Martin Adam


11:55 Uhr   System’s Integration by Hierarchical Workflow Management  -  Sebastian Neubert


12:15 Uhr                 Lunch and Postersession


13:00 Uhr   Intelligent Methods in Mobile Robotics – Energy Management and Face Recognition Approaches  -  Hui Liu


13:20 Uhr   Grasping and Placing – High Performance Features for Mobile Robots  -  Mohammed Myasar Ali


13:40 Uhr   Human-Robot Interaction for Collision Detection and Avoidance in Mobile Robotics  -  Mazen Ghandour


14:00 Uhr   Indoor & Multifloor Operation of Mobile Robots -  Ali Abdulla


14:20 Uhr    24/7 Monitoring of physiological parameters: Measurement and systems validation -  Christine Gienapp


14:40 Uhr   Operator Performance Investigations for application in Life Science Automation labs  -  Mohit Kumar


15:00 Uhr    Closing Remarks - Kerstin Thurow




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